Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hi All... I have 2 molies (Jose's book and Emma's book) which I should send to Alicja.
And I just wanted to be sure that this 2 books will reach the right person. I've tried to contact Alicja via flickr mail - no answer... I've send her (many time ago - in June, I think) my moly, but haven't heard back. And at her flickr page last contribution was done in May.
So I'm just want to know your opinion - should I send 2 molies I have to Alicja or it will be better if I will send it to the next participant (if I have no answer to this post during next week)?


  1. I suggest to wait one week, if there's no response from Alicja send it to the next person in the list, just a thought!

  2. Ummm. I guess we wait. Don't really want my moleskine disappearing into a black hole.

  3. I think she was out for something, not sure but she is on another exchange im in,

    lets give it a week or so, if there is no answer, skip her and send to the next one

  4. btw I still have siddartha's moly Im hoping to finish my entry soon

    about the alicja problem, I would say skip her till she answers else we will never finish this exchange :)

    what about Jen Osborn is she with us still?

  5. I still have molies - Jen, are you in the group?
    I'm ready to send the books, the only question I have - where?

    :( it seems my own moly desappear...

  6. I am currently in Turkey / Greece and going to France on the 10th of October. If you have a moleskine for me and want to send it to France instead of Australia (if it is going to get there before the 25th of October) I will happily receive it there and I'll give you my address there. Otherwise, I will be back in Oz on the 30th of Oct.

  7. Great - I will be in Paris starting October 10th, so I can give you the mollies!

  8. After a huge crazy time in my life, I am back.. I know that you guys were moving on a bit, but I am still here and have a moly to send on...Are we still using the same order or have things changed a lot since I last checked in?

    Sorry guys, but sometimes life just gets in the way of everything else. If you want me to just send on the ones I have and be out, then I totally understand, but if you are willing to take me back, I am all in :) Let me know!


  9. Yes! Come back, we want you, of course!
    Remember Benjamin, if you want to send anything to me in the next couple of weeks perhaps France is the best bet.

  10. Hi I'm still here, in mexico i haven't seen a moly for ages!!!!!! :( Remember that Yoda is not with us anymore, so please flickr mail me to give you my address! Cheers to all!

  11. yarr, once again I still have 1 moly, I just parked it cause the group was a bit stopped
    but nwo ill put myself to work again :D