Monday, June 7, 2010

S**t happens (((

Dear all,
Hope you're doing fine.
I'd like to say that I'm always in the group and I Have to reconfirm it again because 2 of your mollies on the way to me (don't know which ones) were returned to you by the post. That happens 'cause during April and May I was out of Moscow and my husband and father tried to receive the moliies but vainly - to get a personal sending you should show your ID and my ID was with me in the trips...
So I kindly ask you to send me moly again! I will be at home at least during the summer and I will get it for sure!
Really sorry for that...


  1. hey Nat

    Are those the molys I sent you?
    let me know if I should go to the post office to retrieve em (didnt got any warning so far..)

  2. Did you get them Natalia?
    This group has gone kind of quiet... are we all still in. I am now in change of a block of moleskine exchanges and making sure they are alive and kicking. Who has my book these days?
    Tell me what you all think...

  3. well, I dont have any moly, and Im not sure if those molys that nat talks about are mine (should be since I mail to her)

    I havent got any notification or any book returned so I dont know....