Friday, January 28, 2011

ok... there are crickets here...

I won't take a leaf from another group, where there is actually a picture of a cricket... but I sure can hear them!

I have never seen a moleskine (apart from mine) for this exchange. I completed mine when I was well and truly in France. That is now over 2.5 years ago... so...

What is going on?
People caught up with life? Bit off more than you can chew? Don't be scared, speak up. There is no obligation to continue if you no longer wish to. If we are done I would like my moleskine back please. I hope you are all ok.


  1. (or something like that:)


    I posted a while, while back and ended up sending my molies on, but have since given up hope on this one :( I tried to contact my next in line, but heard nothing.

    I have since asked Marty to add me in another group, but that one is slow on the uptake right from the beginning, so I don't know what to do!

    I wouldn't be opposed to continuing here, but I guess my moly is lost in the abyss, so I would have to start anew - I forgot to take pics of my first entry :(

    I hope everyone is ok as well - great to hear someone else here as well, benconservanto :)

  2. I love the Scandinavian folklore and I love the illustrations of yaga baba! Any can join the group?

  3. I dont know, somehow at least every moly exchange I was in, kinda got into a silent stop

    but thing is, and perhaps im unlucky, but I did A LOT of molys and never got mine back..., from like 6-7 groups and never got my own moly back
    so you can count im a bit upset...but cant blame anyone cause it looks like everybody is suffering of pretty much the same

  4. It is really odd that this has happened. Did you see my book Jose? I did send to you originally?
    Can we track the books to Natalia?

  5. hi,

    I'm still being in group. But please don't send me your moly before Apr. 25th - I'm moving from Moscow to Brussels and will send to everyone my new address.
    BTW: Alicia, did you have my book?

  6. Ok, it is coming together.
    I might make one of those fabulous moleskine trackers to get us back on track, pin point our moleskines.

  7. err, every moly that came to my hands, I passed it forward with an entry, so if I recieved yours I moved but I cant remember which ones I did right now

  8. I completely believe you Jose. You have done your pieces, past them on and then we seem to lose the scent. We will locate them! Never fear.
    Please refer to and post in most recent post so perhaps we can track them down.