Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tell me if I am wrong...

Above is where I can guess where the books are.
Natalia, have you sent the books off to Alicja? Jen only seems to have worked in her own book and has never received another from what I can tell from the blog posts.
If you have a book, can you please tell me, so I can mark it on the graph as well, and I'll edit and post a newer version of it.

Thanks people.


  1. Do we declare this moleskine exchange dead?
    Can I have my moleskine back then? Annoyed now.

  2. Hi,

    I have your moly and moly of Jose. I sent it to Alicja (there are no news about herm so first I asked here if she will continue and she replied yes), but in some time I got 2 books back. I will send it to you, provide me pls again with your address at nats.79@gmail.com

    My own moly was sent to Alicja many time ago, in the beginning. I only now that she received it.
    Alicjem could you please send it to me?

    For the rest, I'm ready to continue. Maybe we have to check who also will participate?

    And something else: I moved to another country, will send my new address to 'rest of participants'.

  3. Thanks Nat,
    I have also now just sent a message to Alicja, so we see what happens. It is strange you got the moleskines back. Humm...
    Let's wait to see what Alicja says, and go from there. I am pleased to know that you have those two. Jose was a bit sad that he thought it had gone too.

  4. Natalia, you didn't by any chance get my book back? I really don't want to believe it is gone...